Office 365 Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Partner 2016

Jan IT achieves to be Microsoft Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Partner with Office 365

We’re happy to announce that we’re now Microsoft Silver Partner for Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions and want to thank our clients and Office 365 who made this happen!

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Jan IT NBTC License

Jan IT NBTC License

Jan IT acquires NBTC License

We’re proud to announce that we have now formally acquired the NBTC Licence from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) of Thailand.

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Learn 10 finger typing and save time

We write every day on a keyboard for emails, chat, searching the web etc. being able to type faster saves you a lot of time during the day. Remember the long waiting for a chat message? Waiting anxiously of the response becayuse the other end can’t pick up a phone?

Unless of course you have a proper secretary hired which can type 100 words per minute for you.

This text is for all of you who don’t know where to start and didn’t had the benefit learning typing properly in school. We’re using this internally to get our staff up to speed.

This program is very simple and can be used online as well as offline. You learn how to place your hands and start with simple typing exercises. Later on you can measure how fast you type, how many errors were made and where exactly they were made. This way you can see quickly where your strong points are and where you need to exercise a bit more.

It’s definitely useful when you consider start learning 10 finger typing.

KeePass Password

Improve your Password Security with KeePass

Today May 7th is Password day! This is to raise your awareness regarding your password security. Everyone is aware of what could happen if you have a weak password and password security. It’s in the end the usual fight between security and convenience. Sure it can be annoying to change passwords every 3 months, come up with a decent one and remember it.

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Office Lens

Office Lens: Turn your iPhone or Android to a scanner

Office Lens turns your iPhone or Android Phone in a supercharged pocket document scanner. Take a picture of a document, whiteboard or name card with Office Lens and get started.

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Office for iPad

Install Microsoft Office for iPad or iPhone in Thailand

You have an Office 365 subscription and want to use Microsoft Office for iPad or iPhone in Thailand? Many people will tell you, you just can’t. That’s not entirely true. The Apple App Store in Thailand does not provide Office for iPad or your iPhone. But it’s easy to circumvent Apple’s Country restrictions and install Microsoft Office on your iPad or iPhone. In general you just have to change your country, install the Office for iPad or iPhone and then switch back to Thailand. No foreign credit card is required, just a few minutes of your time.

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Jan IT Silver Cloud Productivity Trophy

Silver Cloud Productivity – First Achievement 2015

Silver Cloud Productivity Competency

Now it’s official! We’re in the top 5% of the Microsoft partner ecosystem. We got the Silver Cloud Productivity competency. Achieved mainly for getting Office 365 migrations, setups and management done for our clients in 2014. We really didn’t expected to grow this fast in such an amount of time.

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