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Managed It Services for Setting Up a New Office Yay or Nay

9 April, 2019 Productivity

Businesses of nearly all types and sizes prioritize on enhancing operational efficiency and revenue. However, for all companies maintaining this efficiency is not easy. Factors like monetary resource limitation, lack of skilled manpower, legal hurdles can thwart growth and sustenance of the businesses in certain situations. To overcome such hurdles and stick to the growth plan, plenty of businesses are resorting to managed IT service providers. Actually, entities offering IT Support Services have existed for long but their popularity has shot up in the last decade.

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7 Seo Tips for Mobile App Owners

1 April, 2019 App Development

You cannot grow or serve to a large audience base, if the visibility of your mobile application is low. There arrives the need for SEO. Search Engines are a great source for driving traffic to your product, be it a website or a mobile app. In the case of mobile apps, search engines and app store search engines, both hold significant value in helping you succeed. Before you start scratching your head in tension about how to perform the SEO for your mobile app, we’ve got to tell you that this article comprises the best practices you could adopt.

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6 Web Design and Development Mistakes to Avoid

25 March, 2019 Web Development

A compelling and unique website is no more an option, but a necessity for the businesses. Having a non-responsive site is sure to lead your enterprise in loses as you’ll lose countless customers. Most of the small business owners make a big mistake in developing and designing the business website on their own. Instead of saving money they end-up losing more of it. There are certain unspoken and spoken website designing rules that must be followed to create a user-friendly site.

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Which IT Support Tasks Should Your Business Outsource and Why

18 March, 2019 Productivity

Outsourcing is one of the best options especially for startups and small businesses to get complex tasks while saving money and boosting productivity. allows the employees and owners of small businesses to focus on other important responsibilities, such as customer service, sales, etc. Keep in mind, outsourcing every business task is not wise. A third party may ruin the image of your brand if the wrong tasks are outsourced to them.

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How Office 365 Helps in Running Your Business Smoothly

11 March, 2019 Office 365, Productivity

Office 365 is a service provided by Microsoft and is recognized as a part of their Office (Microsoft) product line. This cloud-based platform helps the organizations save a significant amount of money, to run their business smoothly and take advantage of modern technologies. As the company puts in - it is your personal space to get great work done! Office 365 is not just a combination of tools but technology at its best!

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Why Does Your Business Need to Start Using Voip Systems Right Away

4 March, 2019 Productivity, VoIP

VoIP or conventional calling system – What have you decided? Businesses generally get confused while selecting their communication method. If you are confused too, let us help. Our suggestion will be – Go with VoIP. VoIP is cheaper, flexible and comes with all the significant features, which gives it an edge over other business communication options. In this article, we will tell you why our business needs to start using VoIP systems from today itself.

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Setting Up an Office in Bangkok Part 5

25 February, 2019 Productivity

From Location to Productivity From Macro to Micro In the previous parts we’ve build up on how a location affects your office productivity as a ‘macro’ factor. Now we are looking into the details of the office layout and see how important it is to get everyone, especially the IT department or your managed IT service provider onboard as soon as possible. This part is mostly about asking the right questions and the answers are very specific to your company as every company does certain tasks differently.

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Setting Up an Office in Bangkok Part 4

18 February, 2019 Productivity

From Location to Productivity How location matters in term of Productivity Simplified the productivity of a company can be broken down into three factors and written in this formula. Leadership x Employee Skill x Tools = Productivity Good Leadership inspires and pushes Employees to do the tasks that need to be done. With a bad leader in place the employees will waste their time solving unimportant tasks, don’t know what needs to be done and at worst case work with contradicting instructions, this is usually expressed with a value of below 1.

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Setting Up an Office in Bangkok Part 3

11 February, 2019 Productivity

Surrounding Facilities Another factor look is what is around the office location. What kind of shops are located, especially lunch time locations and their price ranges? Having good quality food around for a reasonable price is another cost factor because not only an army marches on its stomach, offices do too. If the food stall prices are higher you can expect to pay higher salaries. Other facilities which could be of concern are daycares, fitness centers, telecom shops, clinics and other shops your employees might visit.

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Setting Up an Office in Bangkok Part 2

6 February, 2019 Productivity

More Location Factors Accessibility The next easy to grasp factor is the accessibility of your new office location. How easily can your office be reached? Is there good public transportation (MRT/BTS Station) nearby or do you have enough parking places? These are basic questions and relate to, who is working for you and how would they likely commute to you? Depending on your aimed office staff. High profile manager have drivers to bring them and pick them up afterwards, but the majority appreciates a simple and fast commute which is also plus when hiring.

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