6 Web Design and Development Mistakes to Avoid

25 March, 2019 Web Development

A compelling and unique website is no more an option, but a necessity for the businesses. Having a non-responsive site is sure to lead your enterprise in loses as you’ll lose countless customers. Most of the small business owners make a big mistake in developing and designing the business website on their own. Instead of saving money they end-up losing more of it.

There are certain unspoken and spoken website designing rules that must be followed to create a user-friendly site. These rules are often overlooked by the people. It is important to know about the common website development mistakes so that you get a flawless built. Read on to know more about them-

1. Your Website isn’t Informative Enough

A website that fails to impress its visitors (with both content and design) will not bring any benefit to your business. The online platform should be potent enough to introduce your company to your users in the best possible manner. Know that your visitors will determine in a few seconds whether your Company is worth the trust or not. If the webpage fails to impress the visitors it won’t work out well anyway. Make sure your website is attractive enough to entice a huge number of eyeballs.

2. Your Website’s Loading Time is Over Three Seconds

People these days are highly impatient. They don’t wait more than a few seconds (max 3 seconds) for site loading. They’ll press the “back” button straight away at the fourth second. Don’t expect them to keep waiting just for ‘anything’. 47% of the online users expect the site to get loaded in a second. Be sure your web developer is extra careful about building a highly responsive site.

Too many links mean too many pages on your web site. However, it is important to give complete information about your products/services, but it should be precisely. If your website has more than 4-5 pages then make sure there is a button that allows visitors to return to the site’s previous page. Your users will be peeved and won’t appreciate visiting your web portal. It’s better to play smart and give sufficient options to your users for easy navigation. Keep things organized and clearly indicated.

Avoid putting social media links on your website. Don’t give your users a point to divert away from your site. Moreover, diverting your audience to the social media platforms will make your audience get into the tireless act of scrolling down the huge feed. It is advised to put the direct links to the social media post on the website post. Also, keep the social media towards the bottom and not on the top.

5. No H1 headings

Most of the users prefer to skim the headlines to ensure whether the webpage is worth visiting or not. Use H1 headings and H2 subheads to grab the attention of web users. Walls of text will make your users leave the site quickly. Also, properly formatted headings and subheadings make it easier for the site to rank on top of the SERP’s. The bots easily decipher the concept of that particular page. Avoiding the proper format will direct the potential visitors to your competitor’s website.

Moderately sized buttons are important for the ease of your users. Plus, ensure easily accessible hyperlinks on your website post. Tiny buttons will leave your visitors unpleased. The buttons should be large enough for hassle-free service. Remove all the dead URLs from your site on a regular basis. One bad impression and you’ll lose a customer.

It is crucial for every business owner to understand the importance of a professionally built website. Web designing and development is an art, which demands expertise and experience. A professionally designed site features a powerful combination of function and form in a way that it offers usable, interesting, enjoyable and navigable experience to the visitors.


Make sure to avoid the above mentioned common web development and designing mistakes in order to gain the best out of your site. All of these mistakes will hurt your site’s SEO. Whether you are looking forward to revamping your site or planning to get a newly designed website, assure that your web developer doesn’t make any of the above-listed web design/development mistakes. These are small yet highly crucial factors that should never be avoided. In addition, look for a reliable web developer for your website who has good knowledge of web development.