7 Seo Tips for Mobile App Owners

1 April, 2019 App Development

You cannot grow or serve to a large audience base, if the visibility of your mobile application is low. There arrives the need for SEO. Search Engines are a great source for driving traffic to your product, be it a website or a mobile app. In the case of mobile apps, search engines and app store search engines, both hold significant value in helping you succeed.

Before you start scratching your head in tension about how to perform the SEO for your mobile app, we’ve got to tell you that this article comprises the best practices you could adopt. Go through our 7 tips and increase the visibility and popularity of your mobile app by manifolds:

1. App Store Optimization

Most of the mobile users search for their desired keywords or app’s name to find the required app. So, you can always consider app stores the starting point of app marketing. For ASO, or app store optimization, provide a detailed description of your app in iTunes or Google Play Store – depending upon the platform you have launched the app for. Try to organically use the commonly-searched phrases while writing the content for app stores. Also: - Add app screenshots - Ask your mobile app users to leave reviews - Respond to negative reviews and resolve the issues your end-users are facing.

2. App’s Name and Indexing

Your app’s name is very important for SEO. Try using a keyword in the name of your mobile app or keep it memorable so that people could search it without forgetting, in case they’d seen it once. Another important factor in SEO of your mobile app is app indexing. Always, always make sure to add your app in the Google’s listing, in case you own an Android app. In fact, Google has declared that they consider app indexing the first prerequisite for showing your app in the search results. You can also index your iOS apps in Google Search Engine.

3. Create a Website

Even though you own a mobile app, it is important to set up a website which brief users about your app. While you have limited space for content in the app store, your website could a lot of information. User’s guide, FAQs, App Store link, images of app’s screens and a lot more can be added here. With a creatively designed website and engaging content, you can send bulk traffic to your app store and succeed in tricking users to install the app. We advise you to keep the website design minimalistic.

4. Do Proper Linking and Branding

People trust brands. If your brand is already successful and well-known, it’s a plus. However, we sometimes forget that our mobile app has a different name than that of the brand. Due to this, you miss leveraging many benefits of your popularity. Hence, always add your organization’s name in the app store and everywhere you promote your app. Link-building helps in SEO too, so add the store link for your app and QR Code for improving your credibility throughout the internet.

5. Release App Updates Often

Releasing app updates increases the trustworthiness of your app in the Android or Apple app store. Oh, wait, there’s one more thing it does. When you release an update, you provide the details of updates made in the app. It means that you update the iTunes or Google app store content too. This practice helps significantly in improving your app store ranking and visibility in the store.

6. Social Media Presence

Remember – Almost all potential app users, you want to engage, are using social media nowadays. Social Media platforms are immensely powerful and can help you in building your app’s reputation very speedily. Search engines also consider listing your social media profiles in search results. So, be an active brand on social media and keep promoting your app there. Never miss responding to your audience’s queries and complaints.

7. Guest Posting

Guest posts can help you get high authority backlinks for your mobile app. So, do consider to guest post about your mobile app often. While using this strategy, try reaching out to high authority websites which serve good traffic from your domain.


Marketing is the most crucial activity after robust mobile app development, as it is the way of making your app visible to the masses. Without well-planned marketing and SEO, even a super-amazing app idea may fail. So, make sure that you do not sideline this important task while trying to promote your app.