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Office 365 Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Partner 2016

5 April, 2015 Achievements, Office 365

Jan IT achieves to be Microsoft Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Partner with Office 365 We’re happy to announce that we’re now Microsoft Silver Partner for Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions and want to thank our clients and Office 365 who made this happen! Thank you First and foremost we want to thank all clients who did the Office 365 migrations with us in the past year. Thanks to your trust we were able to achieve this achievement.

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Office Lens Turn Your Iphone Iphone or Android to a Scanner

3 April, 2015 Office 365, Productivity

Office Lens turns your iPhone or Android Phone in a supercharged pocket document scanner. Take a picture of a document, whiteboard or name card with Office Lens and get started. What Office Lens can do for you Office Lens straightens and crops your picture. That’s what you are used from other document scanners available on your iPhone or Android Phone. Besides basic sharing and storing, Office Lens takes you several steps further.

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Install Microsoft Office for Ipad or Iphone in Thailand

12 March, 2015 Office 365, Productivity

You have an Office 365 subscription and want to use Microsoft Office for iPad or iPhone in Thailand? Many people will tell you, you just can’t. That’s not entirely true. The Apple App Store in Thailand does not provide Office for iPad or your iPhone. But it’s easy to circumvent Apple’s Country restrictions and install Microsoft Office on your iPad or iPhone. In general you just have to change your country, install the Office for iPad or iPhone and then switch back to Thailand.

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Silver Cloud Productivity First Achievement 2015

26 January, 2015 Achievements, Office 365

Silver Cloud Productivity Competency Now it’s official! We’re in the top 5% of the Microsoft partner ecosystem. We got the Silver Cloud Productivity competency. Achieved mainly for getting Office 365 migrations, setups and management done for our clients in 2014. We really didn’t expected to grow this fast in such an amount of time. Thank you A big ‘thank you’ to all clients who trusted us with their Office 365 migration.

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