Develop a Business App with Jan IT

We at Jan IT get frequently tasked with developing a business App to enhance daily operations. We had to turn down a lot of inquiries because the inquirer has no clearly defined App requirements.

A common story

The common story is that a business struggles with a specific problem in their daily workflow they cannot overcome easily. For example, responding to a Request for Quotation for a product seems to be simple at first. Looking up the client list to see if they have a specific price list or using the default price list, checking how many items are ordered and if there are quantity discounts or current promotion in place. Then checking stocks, possibly place an order with a supplier and balance payment and delivery times to keep the cash flow positive. Following up on the quotation, checking payment and organizing the product collection slip for the packaging team, handling billing, coordinating minor mishaps, tracking shipments and creating reports so the owner and team members know what is currently going on. All this daily, which an increased frequency because the business is growing. Oh yes, the warehouse needs to be restocked and more reports must be created.

At this stage the business owner and the management team state that they need an App to handle this because quotation responses are slow, order are shipped with delays and errors and the cash flow suffers. What gets overseen is the initial review of the current business process, what functions need to be done to get the process going and what are the special caveats the business operations have. In general, these thoughts are getting shoved aside by stating that a standard App, in this case a warehouse management App, can handle all existing requirements.

Not all Apps are created equal

Metaphorically speaking, it’s like stating that a person wants to buy a car and all cars can carry products. But when looking at the person’s requirements, the person needs a truck to transport the products. Having a clear description of the main workflow with definite requirements and notes of special cases that commonly occur goes a long way. This helps to evaluate apps available on the market and see which one suits your company or if an App needs to be developed specifically for your workflow.

Proper App planning saves a lot of headaches

Jan IT provides research and consultation services to help your business on getting the requirements documented and compare available solutions and see if they are good enough. Then it can be evaluated if a custom developed Business App is the right choice and how it can provide you an edge over the competition.


With the specific requirements documented we can develop an App to fulfill your current and potential future needs. Rely on an App Developer who spends the time understanding your business and grows with you. So, if you are interested in having an App developed, you should consider either working out the requirements beforehand or contact us and let us help you working them out with you.