Setting Up an Office in Bangkok Part 2

6 February, 2019 Productivity

More Location Factors


The next easy to grasp factor is the accessibility of your new office location. How easily can your office be reached? Is there good public transportation (MRT/BTS Station) nearby or do you have enough parking places? These are basic questions and relate to, who is working for you and how would they likely commute to you? Depending on your aimed office staff. High profile manager have drivers to bring them and pick them up afterwards, but the majority appreciates a simple and fast commute which is also plus when hiring.

This plays also a role when it comes to compensation. Staff with cars mean also higher salaries to maintain these cars, which also need to be parked somewhere. So you might save on the office rent but lose the saving in this factor.


Depending on your line of business, the prestige factor is important or can play a part in how to establish your brand. This is usually Be aware that, especially in Thailand, a good-looking building in a high-profile area does not equate to quality. Mainly the quality is purely on the surface and in general will fade away rather quickly if not maintained properly.


In this context, quality means how much utilitarian thought was put into the rental location. In short good quality means in low running costs. This expresses itself in points like easy maintenance of the location, low electrical cost through proper insulation or modern air conditioning units (vs. 20 years old poorly maintained devices, easy pulling of cables through existing conduits (vs. ripping the wall and floor apart for every single cable), sound insulation if located in a loud environment and usage of materials which are not only aesthetically good but durable. For example, having a real hardwood floor certainly looks great but maintenance costs and specific care are higher compared to a good concrete board wood imitate.