Why IaaS Is a Better Option for SMEs

28 January, 2019 Productivity

From Site to Cloud

IT departments have always been considered as cost-centered departments of any organization. Now due to continuous improvements of technology, Cloud Computing has emerged as a best option to facilitate the business. Cloud computing is an internet-based computing technique that helps organizations to use operational resources much more efficiently. Cloud computing works on a network of different servers that collectively enable a shared pool of computing resources such as servers, computer networks, applications.

It is a smart move to adopt Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for medium sized enterprises because it provides greater opportunity to improve internal processes and business suitability. Infrastructure as a Service is a value creation tool for a business as it helps in reducing overall costs from hardware purchase to ongoing maintenance, administration and replacement projects.

Infrastructure as a Service is best suitable for small or medium sized organizations as cloud computing helps businesses to share, process, host, store and manage their data online at low cost. The users of Infrastructure as a service can utilize virtualization technologies without having to manage hardware on-site physically. Users of IaaS can help organizations manage and build their network, data storage, servers and operating systems via dashboard or application programming interface (API).

Infrastructure as a service is good for emerging companies as it helps in growing by paying only for the server resources that are used to run software without any need or assistance to manage or host the servers on-site. IaaS also provides a foundation to build new software utilizing cloud computing. IaaS provides scalable computer resources that are highly automated and provide easy to integrate processing, storage and network capabilities. As compare to PaaS and SaaS, IaaS work mainly metered and provide simple on-demand options.

Infrastructure as a Service also provides users more control over their infrastructure than users of SaaS or PaaS cloud computing services that is why IaaS is considered as the most flexible cloud-computing category among all. One of the key advantage that makes IaaS a best cloud-computing option for medium sized organization is it provide deployment and development of PaaS, SaaS and web applications along with the deployment of storage processing, networking and servers.

Infrastructure as a service provides ease and convenience in deployment and administration. Small or medium sized organizations are more concerned in transforming their IT into business enabler for the future. These organizations know that the rapid improvement and innovation in technology can provide them competitive advantage in the market.

The main reason why the companies get reluctant for using IaaS is the security and privacy and due to the lack of security they prefer using old methods for data housing. IaaS provides reliability in usage of cloud for collaboration and sharing with cost reduction. However, full-scale implementation of IaaS in small and medium sized enterprises require technological knowledge, skills and experience. If you are considering to utilize the cloud, especially IaaS for your company don’t hesitate to contact Jan IT and get your next enabling IT project built on a rock-solid and high-performance foundation.