Work From Home - Introduction

27 March, 2020 Productivity

“The obstacle on your way, becomes the way” (Marcus Aurelius)

Being it to deal with Covid19 or with some strictly personal situation (taking care of somebody in your family, a sick leave, etc), Work From Home is a game-changer.

Remember the times stuck in the traffic with your phone getting hotter and hotter, the endless trips on a train packed like sardines, or the guy at the office who can’t wait a split second to show you that cat in a ninja suit picture while you’re writing the e-mail that will decide your destiny? Well, remember them one last time, ‘cause in a few days they’ll all be the quite annoying remnants of a distant past.

It’s a new thing, so at first it might seem a bit daunting, but with the right tools at hand, and a few tweaks to your workflow, WFH can turn into the best opportunity to make your life easier and more productive.

In this series of articles, we’ll be talking about the tools and the practices that we use ourselves and in supporting our customers throughout this new, necessary, and rewarding experience of WFH.