Benefit from our Knowledge and Experience

Our IT Consulting service helps you save money, make better decisions and get things done right.

Technology Research

You search for a specific system which helps you doing your business more effectively and efficiently.

Our IT Consulting is helping you exactly here. We will discuss your current needs and think of your future requirements. Once we got a clear picture we will find you the right solution for your business. You benefit from our vast knowledge of different systems. We also know where to look and how to ask. This saves you precious time and you get a wider picture of what is out there.

Technical Second Opinion

You are wondering if the solution you have or just got offered is the right one for your business.

Our technical second opinion service is here to help. Get the assurance that you invest in the right solution. Gain the insight of what is out there and compare. Our goal is providing you the best IT Consulting for your business. This means we find out what is best for your business and not only for your service provider. We see you as more than a client. You are a partner. Have a partner on your side who wants you to grow.

Blueprint Development

You want to develop a blueprint for your application or website for your business.

Rely on our experience in application and website development. We clarify with you the workflows, security requirements, user interface and outline the purpose of your project. Get a executable blueprint for your application or website. We can lead or even perform the complete project on your behalf.

IT Audit Support

You want to get your business ready for disasters before they happen.

Our IT Audit not only gives you a plain evaluation what’s currently missing. We give you directions on what to do and even can perform those changes for you. We have vast experience in keeping operations running during difficult times. Get best practice advice for your business and a plan on how to get there.

IT Consulting Rates

We consult you on an hourly basis.

  • IT Consultation without Support Contract
  • Rate
  • Description
  • IT Consultation without Support Contract
  • 2,500 THB/hour
  • Additional charges for travel/research expenses or required equipment will apply.
  • IT Consultation with Support Contract
  • 1,000 THB/hour
  • Additional charges for travel/research expenses or required equipment will apply.

    IT Support Contract already covers basic IT Consultation.