IT Support in Bangkok. Done right.

Our Bangkok IT support team enables your business to do more. We solve your IT problems. Provide IT training. Improve your strongest IT users, also known as Power Users. Administrate your IT or website so your business can do more.

We provide your business with best practice IT support service in Bangkok, Thailand. You hire a complete team of IT support specialists in Bangkok. We can provide service no matter where your business is in Bangkok, Thailand or anywhere in the world.

Our IT Support Services

Get to know our most commonly provided Bangkok IT Support services in Thailand.  Contact us and see how your business can benefit from best practice IT support today. Just need IT consultation? Check out our other IT services!

Computer Repair and Upgrade

We provide On-Site IT Support in Bangkok. This includes physical repairs, cleanups and checkups on the operating system. We remove viruses, adware and other malicious software. Fixing the annoying issues for you and getting your computer back in shape is our baseline IT Support. Checkups and fixes can be done by our remote IT Support service on computer located outside of Bangkok.

Our Computer upgrade service goes from consulting on speed up options to sourcing and integrating the parts. We can also transfer data from old to new computers for you.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Our IT Support Team is familiar with the malware a computer could be infected with. We remove malware on-site at your Bangkok office, at our office or remotely depending on the severity of the infection. We remove adware, viruses, trojan horses besides other software which installs itself alongside with downloaded software. These removals usually stabilize and can speed up your computer significantly.

We perform a computer checkup as well. Checkups include patch installation and AV software. This protects your computer from further infections. We also provide tips on how to avoid infections.

Peripheral Setup

Got a new multi-function printer for our Bangkok office? Need to setup a CCTV or integrate a NAS with your Active Directory?

We can do this and also coordinate bigger issues on your behalf with the vendor or hardware manufacturer. Our IT Support team can setup your new equipment or reconfigure and administrate your existing one as well. Don’t let your IT slow your business down. Let our IT Support team do the legwork for you and so you can focus on your business.

Network Setup

Moving or reorganizing your Bangkok office? Our IT Support team can assist you on the network planning, implementation and administration.

First we’ll discuss your business requirements. Then we can organize and oversee the setup of wiring and access point installation and test the network stability. Our IT Support team can also configure your network equipment to make it secure and work the way your business needs it. We are experienced in setting up VPN connections, troubleshooting VoIP NAT issues and securing your network.

IT Training

Enable your staff to do more. Our IT training unlocks your staff potential. We train your staff on how to use their tools more efficiently and effective. We provide guides, IT training videos and build up knowledge in your company. This improves not only your current staff but also newcomers. With your IT training your Bangkok business can get more done!

IT Administration

Have your IT Infrastructure organized. Let our IT administration save you time and headaches. Our IT support organizes your IT infrastructure efficiently and effectively. This way we can provide you quickly with insight of your infrastructure. Your staff is freed up to do business tasks instead of internal IT support tasks. Less searching for information and more enjoying a business running like clockwork.


Backing up your most important systems requires proper planning. Let our Bangkok IT Support team help you on this task. We work out the best backup strategy for your business. We are familiar with various audit requirements and setups of local, remote scheduled and real-time backup of your most precious systems.

Data Recovery

We perform complete system restorations from your backups or building systems up from scratch. Our IT Support team can restore data from your Hard Disk, Solid State Disk, USB Thumb drive or SD Card. In case your drive is physically damaged and needs to be restored in a Lab environment, our IT Support team can organize a hardware restoration with one of our local Bangkok partners

IT Support Rates

  • Ad-hoc IT Support
  • 1,500++ THB/hour
  • No preexisting IT Support Service Contract required.

    Support and Troubleshooting during normal office hours.

    Higher rates during weekends, holidays and after office hours and for higher complexity IT Support.

    1 hour minimum charge

  • IT Support Service Contract
  • starts at 10,000 THB/month
  • Includes 10 hours of IT Service and Support during normal office hours.

    Used IT Support hours get accumulated over a month and compared against the service contract (no hourly minimum charge)

    Covers up to once a month on-site visit