Managed Server. Run your server hands-free

Administrating your server best-practice takes knowledge and time. Spend more time on building knowledge for your business. With our managed servers you can. We handle the leg work and you can get your business done.

Server Administration

You want a server running and in top shape. Our managed server team is doing just this. Secure your servers, monitor performance and administrate it. We take care of the IT part. You take care of your business. Just use your applications without worrying about the underlying parts.

  • Proper Documentation

  • Real Time Monitoring

  • Solid Security


You want to know your server is in hands of experts. Our managed server team is running your servers on best-practice guidelines. We keep track of the latest security issues so you don’t have to. You need a certain setup, we get it done. No long digging through manuals and learning every code line yourself.

  • Experience

  • Troubleshooting

  • Maintenance


You want flexibility on your server. Scale your managed server up in minutes not days. Our OPs team can deploy various servers and configurations for you swiftly. Enjoy the a managed server which you can just order and have it deployed to your needs. We make it possible. Having an own server has never been easier.

  • Deploy servers fast

  • Scale up easy

  • Testing done right

Cost Efficient

You have to run your server without breaking the bank. Our managed servers have no setup costs. We also don’t charge for the hardware. Just get the server when you need it and stop it when you don’t need your server. No paperwork. With our managed server plan you get a full team to administrate your server.

  • Pay-as-you-go

  • Gain more intelligence

  • Make better decisions


You want your data safe and easy access. Our managed servers come with weekly backups. Additionally we can provide synchronizations and hot standby servers. We can also arrange backups to your office location or any other location in Bangkok, Thailand or even worldwide.

  • Weekly backups

  • Gain more intelligence

  • Make better decisions

Our Managed Server Rates

Our managed servers are more affordable than you think. Have a specific question regarding this service? Contact us and let us know!

  • Server Plan
  • 5000 THB
  • Specifications
  • Functions
  • Seedling
  • 5000 THB
  • 40 GB SSD
    2 GB RAM
    2 Cores
    3TB data transfer
    Fixed IP Address
  • Best Practice Security
    Professional Maintenance
    Server Monitoring
    Internal VPN
    Temporary Test Environment on Demand