Server Monitoring. More insight.

Our server monitoring service provides you the insight you need. Know performance issues before your customers and stay ahead. Shorten resolution times and avoid getting caught off-guard.

Server monitoring sounds at first like a service you might not need for your business. Check if the server is up and running, have enough space or being aware of high CPU loads. Easy if you’ve the time to spend on this. Most people think the server will do just fine and spend attention only when the server completely breaks. Avoid getting caught off-guard during business hours.

Our server monitoring service takes the worrying and guessing out of the equation. Get informed the minute something is happening and know what is failing or performing not to standard. Take actions before the big crash and stay ahead.

Add our famous IT Service Desk and you can be assured that we will take care of the problem.

Why monitor your servers with us?

Your servers are critical for your business success. Might they be in Bangkok, somewhere in Thailand or scattered over the world. Our server monitoring service keeps track of your servers wherever they are.


We run our own server monitoring for years now. Benefit from our experience and take the right shortcut in improving your business. Our Bangkok customers enjoy being in the know of what is going on with their servers. No more guessing or assuming. Get to see how stable your infrastructure actually is. Make better decisions based on better information.

Time saving

Deploying and running a server monitoring solution takes time. We provide you with fast deployment and run all the complexity for you. Server Monitoring as easy as it gets, no matter where you are in Bangkok, in Thailand or anywhere in the world.

First grade data center

The best server monitoring solution can’t support you when it’s down. We use first grade data center. Another item we take care for you when rolling our a server monitoring solution for you. Your server can be anywhere in Bangkok, Thailand or even worldwide.

Server Monitoring Rates

We monitor your server wherever he might be. Somewhere in Bangkok, in Thailand or anywhere in your office abroad.

  • Without IT Support Contract
  • Rate
  • Description
  • Without IT Support Contract
  • Rate
  • Description
  • Without IT Support Contract
  • 500 THB/server/month
  • Includes setup of monitor and test notification
    12 months minimum
  • Within IT Support Contract
  • starts at 5,000 THB/month
  • Server Monitoring is included
    7 IT Support Hours during office hours