App Development

Software tailored to your needs!

We develop the solution an off-the-shelf app doesn’t provide you. Every company is different and runs its operations differently. Our App development team in Bangkok, Thailand is well experienced in designing and coding your application with performance, security and usability in mind.

Our expertise is in developing applications which performs your workflows the way you need to differentiate yourself from the competition and deliver your products or services in high quality.

Need an Application Developed?

Send us a line with your initial requirement. We get back to you asap and discuss your options for your own App!

Mobile Application

We can build your mobile application that works on iOS and Android. We’re using the latest technology to deliver your business mobile application and keep it maintainable.

Web Application

We also develop Web Applications that work as a backend to your mobile application or as in in-house only solution deployed on your local server or make it work on a global scale.

Boost your productivity!

Find out how even a small app can boost your operations! Drop us a line and discover automation opportunities in your business.

How do we develop your application?

Our development procedure is modularized, so you know what happens in each step and what the result is.


The initial blueprint describes exactly what the application needs to be doing from a stakeholder perspective. This function and workflow document can provide you an initial cost estimation.


In this phase we design and research any further, underlying technologies to be used besides having wireframes and user stories aligned. This brings the application into a codable state.


Complex applications require an initial prototype to test the functions and workflows. This prototype provides valuable feedback of what works and what needs to be adjusted for your business.


The production build involves the structured coding with optimizations, testing, training users and deployment of the application into production. Maintenance can be done by us or your IT Team.

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Why choose us?


We’re building specialized Enterprise Grade Applications for years and these applications are actively used on a daily, high-load basis. We know the importance of a secure and reliable application.

Business Knowledge

We bring not only tech knowhow but also business knowhow on the table. Understanding why your application needs to do its task and not just do some function makes the difference.

No-Lock in

We keep working with our clients because of the quality we deliver not by locking them into our ecosystem. We provide you the flexibility to migrate your data and applications to back this claim up.


Here are some of our most commonly asked questions by our clients.

Do I get access to the source code?

Yes, the final product is yours and the code is yours to have so you can even modify it yourself further.

Are you developing Mobile Games?

Not of this moment. We’re mainly focused on business applications and its integration.

Is your code scalable?

Yes, we’re using Erlang/Elixir in the backend which allows to serve easily thousands of users on moderate hardware. For the frontend we’re mainly using Angular.