VoIP Business Telephony

Your low cost telephone system with many features!

Voice over IP, or internet telephony enables your company to be more cost efficient and flexible compared to the old telephone lines. Our Jan IT Bangkok office can consult and provide you with IP telephony services from initial planning, deployment, troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance besides offering ready to use solutions.

We have an NBTC License which allows us to resell communication services in Thailand. Benefit from our years of experience in VoIP system setup, troubleshooting and operations. Our range of services covers DID numbers from Thailand and around the globe, local and cloud PBX systems, low cost to premium Caller ID services and a setup from a small office to complete call centers.

If you’re looking on how you can benefit from a VoIP implementation in your business or how you can improve your current setup. Contact us for a consultation!

Need a DID Number?

You need a DID number in Thailand, another Asian country or Europe or America? Just contact us and we get your number setup!

VoIP Services

We’re providing a wide range of VoIP related services from call center to small office setups. Contact us if you’re looking for a specific service not listed here.

DID Numbers

We’re providing DID numbers for over 65 Countries worldwide and support you on setup, troubleshooting and operating your DID number.

Outbound Calling

Our outbound calling services range from cost saving to premium call routes which enable you to keep your Outbound Caller ID when using VoIP services.

PBX Solutions

We’re offering local and cloud PBX solutions. In our VoIP consultation we will find out which PBX will be the perfect fit for your business.

VoIP Troubleshooting

You have already a PBX but having problems with configuration, security or basic administration? Contact us and we get your system back up in no time!

Get the IP PBX System you need!

We provide your business cloud PBX solutions to dedicated on-site VoIP PBX systems. All setup and configured to your needs. Drop us a line and learn more!


Our VoIP telephony solutions comes with many features. Give us a call if you’re looking for a special feature which isn’t listed here.

Unlimited Extensions

Surpass the extension limit from proprietary telephone systems. Setup as many extensions as you require for your company.

Paging and Intercom

Setup a sophisticated intercom system for announcements or page a group/extension to get your service requests done in time.

Unlimited IVR’s

Setup as many interactive voice responses as you wish. Route your callers to the right person or department with ease.

Caller ID

Make sure your staff sees the inbound caller ID properly and even add prefixes to let people know if it’s a sales or service call.

Soft-Phone Support

Reduce your hardware expenses by using softphones instead of physical devices. Ideal if you run a laptop only office.

Music on Hold

Let callers wait with pleasant music to reduce the waiting stress. Set different music play lists depending on the caller Queue.

Menu Management

Define unlimited menus, products and product pages as you see fit and enable easy and quick customization options as you need them.

Call Flow Control

Remain in complete control on how the call should flow through your system. Define ring times, failovers and menus.

Problems with you IP PBX?

We can help and sort it out for you. We’re experienced in dealing with VoIP Suppliers, networking issues and call route configuration. Contact us and get the help you need!

Why choose us?

Picking the right partner for your VoIP Telephony needs saves you cost and time to get it setup.


We’re experienced in setting up call centers and build systems from scratch, troubleshooting VoIP issues and solve them with various service providers is what we do for our clients.

Fast Service

We understand that getting your system up and running is essential. We’re used to the pressure and get you operating as quickly as possible and run proper fixes during off times.

Vendor Agnostic

We are ready to troubleshoot also equipment that is not from us to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Partnership Oriented

We’re looking for what’s best for your business and strife to improve your operations, so we can grow together.

Need a low cost amazing phone system?


Here are some of our most commonly asked questions by our clients.

What kind of PBX systems do you provide?

For dedicated installations we offer Asterisk based PBX systems which is widely supported. Our cloud solution works with FreeSWITCH as it scales better in a multi-tenant environment.

Do you provide DID Numbers in Thailand?

Yes, we provide DID Numbers in Thailand and also from more than 65 other countries. Contact us for more information.

Do you provide outbound caller ID?

Yes, our premium outbound routing service supports to preserve your Caller ID unlike other cheap VoIP services.