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What to Look for When Outsourcing an IT Helpdesk

13 June, 2019 Productivity

Over time, I have encountered many companies who wanted to outsource IT support tasks, mainly the helpdesk part. There are some stereotypical cases based on the size of the business, which I describe and point out the issues with their approach. Small Businesses Outsourcing Many small businesses...

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Managed It Services for Setting Up a New Office Yay or Nay

9 April, 2019 Productivity

Businesses of nearly all types and sizes prioritize on enhancing operational efficiency and revenue. However, for all companies maintaining this efficiency is not easy. Factors like monetary resource limitation, lack of skilled manpower, legal hurdles can thwart growth and sustenance of the...

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Setting Up an Office in Bangkok Part 5

25 February, 2019 Productivity, Productivity

From Location to Productivity From Macro to Micro In the previous parts we’ve build up on how a location affects your office productivity as a ‘macro’ factor. Now we are looking into the details of the office layout and see how important it is to get everyone, especially the IT department or your...

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Setting Up an Office in Bangkok Part 4

18 February, 2019 Productivity

From Location to Productivity How location matters in term of Productivity Simplified the productivity of a company can be broken down into three factors and written in this formula. Leadership x Employee Skill x Tools = Productivity Good Leadership inspires and pushes Employees to do the tasks that...

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Setting Up an Office in Bangkok Part 3

11 February, 2019 Productivity

Surrounding Facilities Another factor look is what is around the office location. What kind of shops are located, especially lunch time locations and their price ranges? Having good quality food around for a reasonable price is another cost factor because not only an army marches on its stomach,...

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