Install Microsoft Office for Ipad or Iphone in Thailand

12 March, 2015 Microsoft 365, Productivity

You have an Microsoft 365 subscription and want to use Microsoft Office for iPad or iPhone in Thailand? Many people will tell you, you just can’t. That’s not entirely true. The Apple App Store in Thailand does not provide Office for iPad or your iPhone. But it’s easy to circumvent Apple’s Country restrictions and install Microsoft Office on your iPad or iPhone. In general you just have to change your country, install the Office for iPad or iPhone and then switch back to Thailand. No foreign credit card is required, just a few minutes of your time.

So, let’s get started and have Microsoft Office for iPad installed on your iOS device in Thailand.

What you need to install Office for iPad in Thailand: iPad/iPhone Password of your Apple ID A few minutes and a cup of coffee (optional) For this tutorial we used an iPhone. On an iPad those steps are similar.

Open your device so you’re on the home screen.

1. Tap on the “Settings” Icon

2. Tap on your Apple ID (this will open a pop up menu)

3. Choose “View Apple ID”

4. Type in your Apple ID password and tap “OK”

5. Tap on”Country/Region”

6. Tap on “Change Country or Region”

7. Choose “United States” and tap “Next”

8. Agree Apple’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

9. Agree again that you have read it (hopefully)

9. Choose “None” (otherwise it will ask you for US credit card details) and tap “Next”

10. Fill red marked fields regarding your address (likely US state and phone number). You can fill in any information you like. Tap “Done” to complete the country change.

11. Congratulations! You changed your App Store Location and can now install free Apps from this country. Start shopping and look for Office for iPad or iPhone. You can find and install them without problems.

Don’t forget to change back to Thailand after you’ve installed Office for iPad!

Let us know if this article was helpful for you in the comments below! Do you need a tutorial on setting up your Microsoft 365 Subscription on your iPad or iPhone. Drop us a line!