Learn 10 Finger Typing and Save Time

23 May, 2015 Productivity

We write every day on a keyboard for emails, chat, searching the web etc. being able to type faster saves you a lot of time during the day. Remember the long waiting for a chat message? Waiting anxiously of the response becayuse the other end can’t pick up a phone?

Unless of course you have a proper secretary hired which can type 100 words per minute for you.

This text is for all of you who don’t know where to start and didn’t had the benefit learning typing properly in school. We’re using this internally to get our staff up to speed.


This program is very simple and can be used online as well as offline. You learn how to place your hands and start with simple typing exercises. Later on you can measure how fast you type, how many errors were made and where exactly they were made. This way you can see quickly where your strong points are and where you need to exercise a bit more.

It’s definitely useful when you consider start learning 10 finger typing.