Office Lens Turn Your Iphone Iphone or Android to a Scanner

Office Lens turns your iPhone or Android Phone in a supercharged pocket document scanner. Take a picture of a document, whiteboard or name card with Office Lens and get started.

What Office Lens can do for you

Office Lens straightens and crops your picture. That’s what you are used from other document scanners available on your iPhone or Android Phone. Besides basic sharing and storing, Office Lens takes you several steps further.

  • With OCR (Optical Character Recognition) the text becomes searchable when stored in OneNote or OneDrive.
  • onvert the image into a Word, PowerPoint or PDF file and edit them later on.
  • Generate contacts from images of business cards.

Best is that the App is free and integrates well into common business processes. Avoid tedious time scanning receipts when back in the office, have new business contacts quickly set in your phone and document your meetings faster and more convenient. With Office Lens you can do more.

Where can you get the Office Lens App

Office Lens is available on all major platforms. Just click on the link for your platform and install the free app.

Update 2015-05-28: Office Lens for Android is now officially released and we updated the Android link accordingly.

Office Lens works best when used in combination with OneNote or OneDrive. This allows you to work on your data with ease. No matter where you are. Work together on your documentation and share your scanned documents anywhere.

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