Silver Cloud Productivity First Achievement 2015

26 January, 2015 Achievements, Microsoft 365

Silver Cloud Productivity Competency

Now it’s official! We’re in the top 5% of the Microsoft partner ecosystem. We got the Silver Cloud Productivity competency. Achieved mainly for getting Microsoft 365 migrations, setups and management done for our clients in 2014. We really didn’t expected to grow this fast in such an amount of time.

Thank you

A big ‘thank you’ to all clients who trusted us with their Microsoft 365 migration. Without your trust and commitment we wouldn’t have made it to become a Silver Cloud partner. We really enjoy working with every single client andrward on improving our existing partnerships. We look to enable more Microsoft 365 usage scenarios so you work more productively in your business.

Microsoft 365 our Silver Cloud enabler your business backbone

Thanks to Microsoft 365 we got this competency from Microsoft. It’s our most demanded product and we’re happy to provide our clients the best experience with Microsoft 365 in Thailand.

If you haven’t got Microsoft 365 for your business yet or want to know what all the fuzz is about. Just have a look on our explainer page here.

We’re working hard on getting the boarding process even more streamlined and convenient for new clients and also providing more support for our existing clients.

We plan to provide video training, manuals and services which will help your business to succeed without breaking a sweat. Our goal is to become the most recognized Microsoft 365 migration and management provider in Bangkok, Thailand. So stay tuned this year. We have more things for you coming!

Feedback time

We know we’ve achieved just one step on our journey. Becoming a silver cloud partner is one thing but becoming the go to point for Microsoft 365 is still a longer journey we want to go together with you. So let us know what you think where we could do better and give you a better service!