Cozy POS

Your Point of Sale System for Restaurants, Shops and Retail Stores!

Cozy POS (Point of Sales) Solution is a feature rich and highly flexible POS system which works offline and online and facilitates single location to multilocation store setups connected via the cloud. It is suitable for Restaurants from fast food to haute cuisine restaurants, retail stores like boutiques, groceries and barber shops, spas and salons.

Jan IT is proud to be solutions partner of Cozy POS in Thailand and supports your business on the POS system setup, testing and after-sales services. The system allows customizations and integrations for individual billing and ordering layouts, Customer Loyalty programs, ERP systems, HR/Payroll portals, accounting software and is compatible to POS Wings an integration platform.

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Cozy POS is very extensive and if you haven’t found the feature you’re looking for, contact us! We’re looking forward to helping you getting your business started.

Easy UI

Cozy POS is very user friendly and yet provides functions like multiple taxes, splitting bills, multiple pricing and payment options.

Customer Management

Provide your loyal customers a premium experience with loyalty programs, special prices and keep track of their spending.

Inventory/Recipe Tracking

Keep track of your stock with recipe and sub-recipe mapping and know if your stock is in the warehouse, stockroom or store.

Employee Management

Define what an Employee can do on the POS in detail and keep track of attendance, breaks and their specific sales.

Table/Section Management

Manage your restaurant tables and sections. Merge, move, transfer or combine tables as you need and even vary pricing, taxes and charges based on this.

Multiple Order Types

Run your shop as you want. dine-in, take-out, delivery, quick service or pre-ordering and apply specific pricing and taxes as required for every type.

Menu Management

Define unlimited menus, products and product pages as you see fit and enable easy and quick customization options as you need them.

Expense Tracking

Track your expenses of your shop, categorize them for reports and know how much cash should be in your cash drawer.

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Extend the feature rich Cozy POS with add-ons to accustom your specific business needs.

Cozy ERP

Cozy ERP is an optional connector to your POS and can be subscribed to at any time. It adds a web portal and enables you to manage your shops from anywhere. From the web you can control your products, menu, recipes, stock, income and expense flow, employees and more what you usually would be able only when on-site. The Cozy ERP subscription includes Cozy Reports functionality.

Cozy Reports

Cozy Reports is an optional online reporting connector. This web portal enables you to access the POS key performance indicators of your business about sales, inventory, stock, employee performance, store performance, profitability report and many more from anywhere.

The complementary Cozy Reports Mobi app for iOS and Android and makes checking the reports even more convenient while on the go.

Cozy KDS

Cozy KDS is an optional module for your restaurant POS setup and enhances the kitchen management. A connected tablet or monitor displays the ordered items alongside the printed order receipts and allows the kitchen staff to track the orders of each table and check prepared dishes off the list and notify the staff once ready to hand it out.

Fast food restaurants use it to track pending orders and it can also integrated into a token system to call out once the order is ready to be picked up by the customer.

Cozy Token Display

This module is made for food courts or restaurants using tokens. It allows to display the token number on a large screen alongside with the various food stations or counters, so the customer knows when his food is ready for pick up.

Cozy Signage

Control with ease the digital displays advertising your products in your stores remotely and define specific schedules. This enables you to manage the display contents like images or videos of your stores centrally without the need of local managers to adjust them.

Cozy Shelf Label

Keep the price tags in your store up to date with the Cozy Shelf Label module. This is especially useful for retail stores. When the prices get updated through Cozy ERP it propagates this change throughout all POS systems and prints out the changed barcode price labels and the staff just needs to replace them on the shelves.

Cozy Ordering

Enable your customers to order online and get it either delivered to their doorstep or pick it up from your store. This is ideal for restaurants order retail stores.

Once an online order is made it will be added to the local order queue at the defined store and notifies the store manager. The customer can track the progress through his mobile device or web account. This is ideal if you want to extend your business quickly.

Cozy Reservations

Let your customers make table reservations or appointment bookings for your spa online. The customer will receive a mobile and/or email notification and can be assured your staff is prepared for their arrival. It allows also orders in advance, so items can be properly prepared and allows you to manage your store more efficiently.

Cozy Loyalty

Utilize either the Cozy Loyalty module or integrate it with other loyalty solutions to provide your most valued customer convenience and an exceptional service experience.

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Operating Systems


Cozy POS runs on Windows 7 upwards. System should have at least an i3 CPU, 4GB RAM and at least 20 GB of disk space available to store transactions.


Cozy POS Android works on tablets with Android 4.4 and higher and comes in two versions, Cloud POS or Local POS server.


Cozy POS iOS runs on iPads and works as Cloud POS only. A steady internet connection is required. Backoffice is managed through the web.


Here are some of our most commonly asked questions by our clients.

Do you provide a POS system presentation?

Yes, we can showcase you the entire system with printer and cash drawer.

Do I have to pay an ongoing subscription for your system?

No, you can opt to buy just the license and use the system offline in your store and be done with it. The support or report/ERP subscriptions are purely optional.

Can the receipt print out adjusted to my requirements?

Yes, absolutely. We can modify and adjust the print outs of your receipts and invoices as per your requirements.