How Microsoft 365 Helps in Running Your Business Smoothly

11 March, 2019 Microsoft 365, Productivity

Microsoft 365 is a service provided by Microsoft and is recognized as a part of their Office (Microsoft) product line. This cloud-based platform helps the organizations save a significant amount of money, to run their business smoothly and take advantage of modern technologies. As the company puts in - it is your personal space to get great work done!

Microsoft 365 is not just a combination of tools but technology at its best! It is also the definition of modern work culture and work ethic. Listed here are a few advantages of using Microsoft 365 for the business.

Advantages of using Microsoft 365 for your Business

It has all the tools you will need for your business

Microsoft 365 is an all-inclusive package that has every tool that your business will possibly use. Whether you want to make a presentation, prepare spreadsheets, save your important documents, you have got it all. All the must-haves for business-Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote and Yammer are just a click away. Use them to get the maximum out of them.

You get storage solutions like never before

The cloud-based storage allows access to data from anywhere in the world, it can be accessed from any device and the best part is that it gives collaboration and sharing a completely new meaning.

The 50GB storage space is almost a dream come true which means you will never have to bother about clearing your inbox and making space for the new emails. Additional storage space is also available at a nominal price. And it does not stop at this! You can also use OneDrive for file synchronization and backup of data.

Access the data from any device

Microsoft 365 is available on all your devices from laptop to tablet to your phone. This means you can access your data from any of the devices, irrespective of where you saved it. This also means you just need to have your device with Microsoft 365 and an internet connection and you are ready to work from virtually anywhere in the world.

Collaboration made possible like never before

OneDrive makes it possible to access your work from anywhere and share and collaborate it with anyone. This has brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘collaborative businesses’ and has made it much easier to be in contact with the employees, partners or freelancers from across the world. Thus, the company can save a lot of money in the form of reduced travel expenses and increased workforce mobility to reach places.

Safety and security of data is assured

Safety and security of data become an easy affair with the Cloud. The businesses can pay attention to much more important things than being bothered about the safety of their data at all times. With the built-in security of Microsoft 365, one is assured of where the data is stored and who all have access to it. The online storage of data is also a savior in case of some unforeseen events such as the loss of a laptop or hard drive. In case you lose your device while using Microsoft 365, you have an option of clearing all the data remotely.

Always stay updated with Microsoft 365 subscription

When you choose Microsoft 365 subscription, you stand a chance to always stay updated. You will get all the latest Office applications–the desktop as well as the online version. You will also get regular updates, as and when they are released.

Get Help and support 24x7

When you choose Microsoft 365, you do not just get all the above-mentioned advantages but also the help and support from the experts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The customer service representatives are available for any kind of help, at any juncture. You can choose to mail them, call them, chat with them or talk to one of them live!

Apart from this, with Microsoft 365 services by your side, you will not require expensive infrastructure or hardware for your business and the trained personnel required for maintaining it. It is also a breeze to know that all your employees are using the same version of Microsoft Office and they can be updated together at the same time.

We can give you various other reasons why you should choose Microsoft 365 but you need to figure out the best reason why your business needs one and go for it now!